ABCs of Vital Aging: Traditions

Every year, in May, I go to the Eastern Market (a Farmer’s Market in Detroit, Michigan) with my sister and niece for our annual Flower Day week-end tradition. It’s a festival of colorful flowers of all varieties, along with fresh veggies and fruits. Amish baked goods tempt the taste buds. Street musicians play some sweet music, and of course, there’s the people watching. The streets are filled with people of all colors and creeds. Everyone is friendly and happy to be walking about, planning their gardens and looking for bargains.









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ABC’s of Vital Aging – Attitude Matters

Have you ever known a time in your life when a bad attitude helped you with what you were dealing with? How about someone else you’ve known who walked around with that cloud over their head, expecting life to rain on them at any moment? Did their bad attitude fight off the storm? 

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Personally, I can’t think of any time in my past when my bad attitude solved any problem or concern I was facing. If anything, the attitude I carried brought on more misery, and a lack of clear thought that could have helped me make things better.  Continue reading