Book Recommendation: 30 Days to a Better Brain

We’re living longer these days. Yet most of us believe that living longer won’t mean living better. Many of us fear that our brains will suffer the ravages of age, bowing down to Alzheimer’s or other types of dementia. It doesn’t have to be this way. Taking charge of our brain health is one of the most important steps we can take to enjoy quality longevity. Good brain health is within our grasp; we just need to take that first step: a commitment to ourselves to re-vamp our lifestyle.

In his book, Canyon Ranch 30 Days to a Better Brain, Dr. Richard Carmona uses up-to-date research to show us how to go beyond that first step.     Continue reading

Stay Curious – For Your Brain’s Sake

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What I Know About Memory



I know that at age 59, my memory is simply not trustworthy.  Too often, I resort to making lists and notes to remember things. Recent notes have included gentle reminders such as: take shower, go to work and make dinner.  Okay, I’m just kidding, my memory isn’t that bad.







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7 Ways to R-E-S-P-E-C-T Yourself







Rejuevenate by getting enough sleep to fill your individual needs. Why do we need sleep?  While we’re sleeping, our brain is kicking in to create connections between brain cells and increasing neuroplasticity, our brain’s ability to change and adapt Lack of sleep can actually make us age faster.* Continue reading

ABCs of Vital Aging – Brain Food

There are thieves that steal our brain health away, a little at a time.  The scary part is that we allow them into our brain readily. I’m talking about the toxic foods we eat, the ones that cure our cravings, but lead to inflammation in our brains and in our bodies. Dr. Daniel Amen talked about chronic inflammation in his book, Use Your Brain to Change Your Age; he asserted that it’s is a major cause of many diseases that plague us as we journey into our senior years (Amen, p. 14). These include brain degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Continue reading

ABC’s of Vital Aging – Strength Train for the Brain


Weight training is a great way to power up our bodies as we age.  It strengthens our bones, helping us avoid osteoporosis. Weight training helps tone and build up our muscles, which gives our bodies a more youthful appearance.  What I find more intriguing is that training with weights boosts our brain’s cognitive functions and our psychological health. I’m all for keeping my brain intact for the long term; I prefer face wrinkles over brain farts any day.  Continue reading

7 Ways to Maintain your Brain


The human brain has 100 billion neurons, each neuron connected to 10 thousand other neurons. Sitting on your shoulders is the most complicated object in the known universe. (Michio Kaku)

300px-BrainThis is our brain.  

It’s the only one we’ve got.  As far as I know, there’s no such thing as a brain transplant.  It’s up to us to make our brain as strong as possible as we age. Continue reading

ABC’s of Vital Aging: Aerobic Exercise

My first foray into aerobic exercise involved attempting clumsy grapevines and half-assed jumping jacks with the fitness queen herself, Jane Fonda. My right foot had a field day, trying to figure out what my left food was doing.  Luckily, I exercised in front of my television set, and my family made themselves scarce at those times. I could aerobicize my way to my target heart rate with no audience. 

 c949374_s Continue reading