Vital Aging Resources

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One of the greatest pleasures I get from the Internet is finding resources to share with others.  I particularly enjoying finding great blogs/websites written by women sharing the wealth of their knowledge with readers. I recently decided to include books on this page.


Facing adversity:

Find Your Brave. (2016) by Holly Wagner – faith-based lessons, written with humor and openness.  A book to help you find your strength when faced with life’s challenges.

Developing self-acceptance:

The Gifts of Imperfection. (2010) by Brene Brown – 10 guideposts for Wholehearted Living. A book to help you let go of perfectionism and to live authentically.

Developing overall health and well-being: 

Ask Dr. Nandi (2017) by Parth Nandi – 5 steps to becoming your own #HealthHero. 

Especially for Women

SmartLiving365 – written by Kathy Gottberg, who has 25 years of writing experience and who has published five books.  SMART is an acronym for Sustainable/Meaningful/Aware/Responsible/Thankful, and is a good description of the kinds of articles that Kathy provides for her readers. 

Here are a few of Kathy’s posts that I enjoyed reading: 

Some of Kathy’s books (sold on Amazon)

Rightsizing –  A SMART Living Guide to Reinventing Retirement

Simple SMART & Happy – A SMART Living Guide to a Sustainable & Meaningful Lifestyle

Finding Grace (A Woman’s Transformational Journey)

Aging Abundantly – written by Dorothy Sander, a Midlife Transformation Coach/Writing Coach. Dorothy provides midlife women with inspirational blog posts, book recommendations/reviews, quotations, and more. She has written several books about abundant aging for women.  In a recent blog post, she featured a lovely poem titled Finding Her Here by Jane Relaford Brown.  For more thought-provoking blog posts from Dorothy, go directly to her blog

BlogherA publishing network of women bloggers who provide a wide array of articles on topics ranging from politics, parenting, entertainment, trends, style, and more. You can also register for a Blogher conference or check our Blogher University for resources to enhance your writing skills/freelanc career.

Margie Warrell Live Bravely – Margie Warrell is a life coach/speaker. She’s written several books to help women find their courage.  You can even take a quiz to see how brave you are. Margie also blogs about living bravely and with resilience. 

Vital Aging Resources

Happy woman enjoying the wind outdoors and smiling

American Society on Aging – an important resource for people who work with and on behalf of older adults – home of the “Aging in America” conference, web seminars, publications and more

Coming of AgeThis site defines itself as “all about what people 50+ can do.” Provides resources for 50-somethings to explore future opportunities and to connect/make a difference in their communities.  Also talks about how organizations can promote positive aging.

Next Avenue – A site that helps us become aware that we’re not “getting old,” we are “growing old!”  (and the word “growing” makes all the difference in our lives).  Categories on Next Avenue include: Health & Well-Being, Money & Security, Work & Purpose, Living & Learning, and Caregiving.  A nice variety of categories, and within them, a nice variety of article topics.  When you visit Next Avenue, don’t forget to check out their special reports; for example: Women over 50 – Take Control of your Money or 2015 Influencers in Aging 

Taos Institute – A resource for adults of all ages. Taos Institute is about people working together to create change. The website provides publications and resources to reach its objectives.  You can read more about its mission here . I enjoy reading the Positive Aging Newsletter, you can sign up for it at this link:

Third Age – Health and wellness for “boomer and beyond” women, along with their families.  Categories include Health A – Z, Aging Well, Lifestyle, Relationships, and Blogs; along with a Care Providers search option.  

Health Conditions (Heart Health) 

National Osteoporosis Foundation

Diet Spotlight (Diabetes Resources)

Diabetes Resources – Tools, Guides, Stats, Tip Sheets

Beauty and Style

Classy Yet Trendy – Written by Leanne Blackmom – my favorite capsule wardrobe site.  Classy dressing for women of all ages.  

Styling You – Written by Nikki Parkinson – for everyday women who want real world style advice.  (I’m fond of her capsule wardrobe ideas)

A Well Styled Life – Written by Jennifer Connolly – fashion for petite women in their 50+ years 

Inside Out Style Blog – Written by Imogen Lamport, one of my favorite fashion bloggers.  Discover your colors for beauty and style. Discover what to wear for your body shape;; what jewelry to wear to flatter your face shape, awesome capsule wardrobe ideas, and more. 

Fabulous after 40 – Written by Deborah Boland – Find style advice, style stories, outfit ideas for life’s events, and if you are inclined, keep up with trends. 

Just for Fun 

Listening Earth – Do you love the sounds that come from nature?  Do you need to unwind from a long day at work, or from fighting the traffic during that long commute?  Listening Earth can help. The site offers free nature sounds, and also offers album downloads (mp3 and flac formats) for a cost. Subscribe to Listening Earth’s newsletter and receive a free nature sounds album. 

What Should I Read NextProvides you with reading recommendations, based on books you’ve already read and liked.

Personal Development/Inspiration 

vintage Buddha. statue of vintage Buddha old paper

Tiny Buddha offers “Simple Wisdom for Complex Times,” which says it all, doesn’t it? Founded by Lori Deschene, the site has been around since 2009 and has millions of readers (I’m envious, Lori!).  Tiny Buddha provides a wide variety of articles meant to not only provide knowledge, but to inspire readers to take action to apply that knowledge to their lives.  Recent articles include:

Sign up for daily or weekly updates from the site, and receive a free e-book, 92 Life Lessons. Enjoy reading e-books for personal development?  Tiny Buddha offers Tiny Wisdom e-books at a reasonable $4.97 each or $19.97 for all five. 

Pearls of Wisdom Some of the things you can find here:

  • Inspirational quotes
  • Spiritual inspiration
  • Inspirational books and audio for women
  • Inspirational movies
  • Alternative healing/wellness videos

Reliable Health Sites

Harvard Health – Medical advice and information from Harvard Medical School. Features: free e-newsletter, health blog, wide variety of topics covering both physical and mental health. Some articles are free, others require a subscription ($4.99/month) to Harvard Health online. 

Health Finder – from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Features: health topics A – Z, Healthfinder tool for personalized health recommendations, current health news, health care reform information, tool-kits for national health observances. 

Johns Hopkins Medicine – Features: favorite healthy recipes, health library, top health headlines, ask the expert topics, health seminars (in person and online), health seminar videos

Women’s Health/Wellness & Fitness 

The Center for Young Women’s Health – The Center’s objective is to empower teen girls and young women by providing them with well-researched health information relating to both physical/emotional development and diseases/conditions. Categories at this site include General Health, Sexual Health, Gynecology, Medical Conditions, Nutrition & Fitness and Emotional Health. This site is also a non-commercial site; a partnership among three medical divisions of the Boston Children’s Hospital.  There are resources for both health care professionals and parents.  This is the place for young women to ask all those embarrassing questions, join chats, and get up-to-date health guides. 

Society for Women’s Health Research – Founded by a group of health professionals in 1990, the site is has been (promoting) research and advocacy for women’s unique health diseases and concerns.  Resources include women’s health topics from A – Z, clinical trials, public education, and videos. There is a link describing SWHR’s advocacy issues, and how women can take action for themselves. SWHR can be found on Facebook and Twitter.

American Council on Exercise – Sign up for a free account at this all-encompassing fitness resource.   Become a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, health coach, or advanced health/fitness specialist

  • Ask an ACE Expert
  • Set a personal fitness challenge
  • Find a workout just for you
  • Visit the workout library

One of my favorite parts of the ACE website is its Healthy Living pages.  Categories include: Fit Life, Tools for Life, Podcasts, Videos, and more.  

From the U.S. National Library of Medicine:  Medline Plus for Women’s Health a trusted resource for information and latest news about women’s health concerns.

This is the place to read about:

These are just a few of the topics you can read about at Medline Plus for Women’s Health.

American Holistic Health Association Free, impartial, wellness resource for people who want to gain a better understanding of the mind-body connection to health and wellness. 

The homepage includes feature articles and offers selected resources for readers’ specific needs and free e-reports.  Other resources (listed at the bottom of the homepage) include: Healthcare referrals, treatment researchers, self-help videos, wellness booklet, self-help tools, self-help articles, and more. 

Wellness coaches who believe in a holistic approach to health and wellness can join this site as a member for $60 annually.  This membership offers the AHHA members only newsletter for both networking and sharing news, educational videos, and discounts by other organizational members. 

Speaking of Women’s Health – This site is user-friendly, with a pleasant appearance. Speaking of Women’s Health is all about helping women make well-informed decisions about their health and well-being.  

  • Check out the latest health news
  • Subscribe to the newsletter
  • Visit the SWH column and read articles from experts, such as Dr. Holly Thacker, well-known throughout the country as an expert in women’s health. 
  • Find a women’s health event near your community (these are offered across the country)

Brain Health

Want to find out what makes your brain tick?  Take a look at the Center for Brain Health, founded by Dr. Sandra Bond Chapman, PhD. She and her team of neuroscientists are conducting extensive research to discover how the brain works; along with what can be done to keep it strong and resilient at every age.  Check out the Brain Health Dailywhich provides “brain health tips, tidbits, and trivia of the day.”   

Women’s Brain Health Initiative – a site that focuses its research on women’s brain health, and how our brains are affected by depression, stroke, and Alzheimer’s. It provides a special membership for Millennial Women, pointing out that it’s never too early to start taking care of the brain.

Lifelong Learning & Reference 

High Existence – Are you a free thinker who wants to connect with like-minded lifelong learners?  Explore the blog posts, videos, quotes, podcasts, etc. and join discussions about a wide variety of topics/questions. Some samples of what you’ll find at High Existence: 

GoHighBrow – Mini-courses sent directly to your inbox. Categories include art, history, health, architecture, economics, music, and so much more.

Future Learn  – Free online courses from top universities and organizations.

Wordsmith – Want to increase your vocabulary?  Subscribe and receive a “word of the day” sent to your inbox daily

Famous Quotes & Quotations – Sign up for their newsletter and get a quote for the day, entertaining fact for the day, and an interesting/helpful article.