Book Recommendation: This is your Do-Over

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Book Recommend: This is your Do-Over






This is your Do-Over: The 7 Secrets to Losing Weight, Living Longer, and Getting a Second Chance at the Life You Want. Roizen, Michael F., M.D. (2015) Scribner: New York, NY

You may have already heard of Dr.Michael Roizon. He is not only the Chief Wellness Officer at the Cleveland Clinic, he’s also the author of the Real Age series of books. Dr. Roizen has also co-authored with Mehmet Oz, M.D. (the YOU Series). With his education and diverse background, it’s safe to say he’s a true expert in the field of health and wellness.

In This is your Do-Over, Dr. Roizen talked about the power we have to “change our health destiny.” His premise is that we can reverse the damage we’ve done by eating the wrong foods, avoiding exercise and other bad habits. We can give our bodies and minds a second chance and change our lives for the better, by taking 7 essential do-over steps. 

Dr. Roizen started the book with a section titled Mini Medical School, in which he described some biological basics, in easy understandable language. He wrote this section to show readers how and why healthy choices affect our biological make-up.  He included these basics:

  • Genetics 101
  • Inflammation 101
  • Cardiovascular Issues 101
  • Fat Storage 101
  • Diabetes 101
  • Brain Function 101
  • Stress Response 101
  • Pain 101

He then introduced and described the seven do-over deeds: finding a buddy (to support you in your health goals), exercising, healthy eating, fighting against addiction, stress management, intimacy, and finding your passion/purpose. Each of these actions made up a section of the book, and within each section, the author explained why each one is important. He also discussed how to incorporate each individual do-over into our lives. To illustrate his points, Dr. Roizen used stories about people he worked with at the Cleveland Clinic, along with a sense of humor to make the reading fun. 

I enjoyed reading This is your Do-Over because the book was entertaining as well as informative. My favorite part of the book was titled “The Plan,” which tied all the do-over deeds together. The plan provided the reader with the stepping stones to good health. I also liked the way he concluded the book, with a “Do-Over Quiz” that’s meant to be passed along to others. 


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