How to Use the Internet to Lose Weight

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Want to lose 5, 10, or more pounds?

The internet provides some great tools to help jump-start your weight loss program, and many of them are free.

To determine calorie intake needed to lose weight or maintain your weight loss: provides a simple calculator to determine calorie needs. You simply type in your age, gender, height, current weight and choose your activity level. Other links at this site include a body fat calculator and a BMR (basal metabolic rate) calculator.

To keep a food diary and get motivated:

My Food Diary offers a 7-day free trial, then costs $9 a month.  This site features a food diary, exercise diary, and a body log to track your progress (weight and measurements), weight loss motivation and more. You’ll also find an attractive blog that provides with several categories of articles: exercise, lifestyle, nutrition, recipes, weight loss, and personal stories.

If you prefer a free option:

My Fitness Pal is free and offers a phone app that automatically syncs with the website. When you sign up, the site provides you with suggested fitness and nutrition goals. This site features a food diary, exercise diary, charts to measure your progress, an online support community, and a blog.

Support groups and weight management programs:

Spark People: Members only resources include: calorie counter, (2 million foods in the database) personalized fitness programs that integrate with fitness trackers, advice from experts, and more. The home page provides links to their top nutrition and fitness articles.  Resource centers with videos, recipes, inspiring stories.  In Spark People’s Challenge Central, you’ll find some awesome ways to challenge and motivate yourself in your weight loss and fitness journey. 

Basic membership is free and includes:

  • Calorie counter and meal plan
  • Personalized fitness program
  • Expert advice
  • Community support
  • Free apps

Are you looking for a “buddy” so you don’t have to travel your weight loss journey alone? Try Weight Loss Buddy

Free features include:

  • Join a team to get support and motivation from a community
  • Message boards to share experiences and ask questions
  • Create a diet plan and track your progress with meal and exercise trackers
  • Diet tips and recipes
  • Phone app
  • Basic “find a buddy” search

Premium membership, $29 (lifetime membership) – free blog, one-on-one coaching, weight loss buddy method, premium diet tools, premium “find a buddy” search, and 2 downloadable books.

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