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I recently read The 17 Day Plan to Stop Aging, (2012) written by Dr. Mike Moreno. The title wasn’t quite accurate, of course, since we all know we can’t stop those sneaky hands of time from creeping up on us.  However, the doc did provide some useful strategies for vital aging.






Dr. Moreno pointed out that one thing we need to do to enhance our aging is to simply keep our body moving.  This is what’s referred to as non-exercise activity thermogenesis, or NEAT.  So when you’re tapping your feet to music, walking around while chatting on the phone, walking up the stairs instead of using an escalator . . . you’re burning off excess calories. Oh yeah, and I’m very certain that shopping at a fast pace counts as NEAT. You know, when all those clearance sales are going on at the mall?  (Just be sure to park your car in the outer limits of the mall lot). 






Beginning in 1995, Dr. James Levine, Ph.D., and his colleagues at the Mayo Clinic conducted a 10-year study, and they concluded that our sedentary lifestyle is wreaking havoc on our health.  More recently, Dr. Levine published a study, Sick of Sitting, in the scientific journal, Diabetologia.

I look at it this way:  the body parts we have two of were simply meant to be used more often.


Moreno, M. (2012). The 17 Day Plan to Stop Aging. Free Press:  New York, NY.

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