Best Exercises for Brain Health

We’ve all heard that exercise is not only good for our body, but our brain as well.  But what kinds of exercises are best for our brain health?  In his book, Use your Brain to Change your Age, Dr. Daniel Amen, M.D., answered these questions.  Continue reading

Skip the Blame Game – Don’t Be a Victim

I recently read a novel titled The Other Sister, written by Dianne Dixon. It’s a story of fraternal twin sisters; one who appears to have it all, and the other who lives in her shadow. Morgan resents her twin Ali, who has beauty, charm, and the love of a handsome man.    Not only does Morgan resent her sister; she also blames her for the miserable life she herself has. Throughout much of the book, Morgan lives with that victim mentality, in order to avoid taking charge of her own destiny.  In the end, luckily, with the help of a mysterious friendship she develops through phone conversation (never meeting this person), Morgan learns to find her way and become her own person.  Her life didn’t change until she made a personal choice to change it.





“Woe is me!”  Continue reading

ABCs of Vital Aging: Laughter


I lost my sense of humor one time.  It caused me to take myself way too seriously and sucked the fun out of my life. I was reading a Sunday newspaper, and silly me, instead of checking out the Comics section, a gloom-and-doom headline caught my eye and just like that, my sense of humor walked out the door. 

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ABCs of Vital Aging: Giving Thanks


ABCs of Vital Aging: Thankfulness









In his book, Life’s Greatest Lessons, Hal Urban points out the importance of two words, Think and Thank, as they relate to gratitude.  First, it’s important to think about what we have, and appreciate those things.  Second, it’s just as important to thank the people in our lives who have created value in our lives.  Continue reading

7 Ways to Boost Your Mood

Okay, so I’m not always a happy camper. Sometimes I crawl out of bed on from the wrong side, and I’m just too grumpy to climb back in and choose the right side instead. Sometimes I feel like having a good cry instead of a good laugh. So what’s my cure for these down-in-the-dumps feelings?

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