What I Know About Memory



I know that at age 59, my memory is simply not trustworthy.  Too often, I resort to making lists and notes to remember things. Recent notes have included gentle reminders such as: take shower, go to work and make dinner.  Okay, I’m just kidding, my memory isn’t that bad.







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ABC’s of Vital Aging: Bone Health


Mary Garr

Mary Garr













As I’ve aged, the traits I inherited from my mother have become more noticeable:

  • A tendency to pick up pieces of lint from the carpet.
  • Long good-byes to relatives when leaving a wedding or baby shower; or that more common gathering nowadays – funerals.
  • Reading the daily death notices (just checking to make sure I’m still on this side of the dirt).
  • Talking to myself, a little trait I need to be careful of when I’m out in public.
  • Forgetting the punch lines to jokes.

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The Beauty of Capsule Wardrobes

My husband says that I have too much stuff. He recently took note of the fact that my wardrobe takes up three closets in our house. He then had the nerve to count how many pairs of shoes I had. There oughta be a law against that. 




















These photos were taken after I edited my closets and put things aside to be donated.

To be fair, I actually agree with him.  I have too much stuff, especially clothes. Having all this stuff doesn’t actually add to my happiness in life; instead, it increases my stress level, e.g. “OMG what am I going to wear?  Nothing matches, nothing fits, what was I thinking?”  Continue reading

Complaining and the Brain

What I know about complaining:  we all do too much of it. What don’t we complain about nowadays?  We complain that the roads are bad, yet when they’re being fixed, we complain about all the orange cones.  We all go to the supermarket on the week-end, then complain about the lines. We complain about our kids, our bills, our spouses and our weight. 









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