7 Keys to Quick Stress Relief

Ever feel like you’ve got the weight of the world on your shoulders?


Is life leaving you a little jittery? 

Stress-Man-e1397698920464 You just might be stressed.  It could be your workplace that’s getting you down.  Or your teenagers. Or credit card debt overload.  Or a million other crazy things going on in your life. Continue reading

Breaking Good, Part 2 – Changing the World

I recently got hooked on the television series “Breaking Bad.” As I watched the story line unfold, I started thinking about how one simple decision can lead to an unexpected chain of events.  In the case of the infamous Walter White, mild-mannered Chemistry teacher turned bad guy, this decision led to murder, an airline catastrophe, and so much more.  In a television series, of course, the viewer gets to see what happens from that first moment a character makes a choice. Continue reading

ABCs of Vital Aging: Assertiveness










When I was in my early 20’s, many moons ago, community education programs would offer Assertiveness Training courses. My friend and I would go to these classes, hoping to break ourselves of our passive (and occasionally, passive-aggressive) behavior. We wanted to be able to ask the waitress for another burger when the one we ordered was underdone. We wanted to stand up for ourselves when other people walked all over us, or when a boyfriend stomped our hearts to bits.  Continue reading

Breaking Good, Part 1 – Take Charge of your Life!

I recently started watching the television series “Breaking Bad,” on library borrowed DVDs.  The main character, Walter White, is an underpaid high school Chemistry teacher who works nights at a car wash. He just turned the big 5-0, his 15 year old son has cerebral palsy, and his wife is pregnant with a “whoops” baby.  The final straw before he cracks?  He collapses at his second job and is diagnosed with terminal cancer. Continue reading

ABCs of Vital Aging – Brain Food

There are thieves that steal our brain health away, a little at a time.  The scary part is that we allow them into our brain readily. I’m talking about the toxic foods we eat, the ones that cure our cravings, but lead to inflammation in our brains and in our bodies. Dr. Daniel Amen talked about chronic inflammation in his book, Use Your Brain to Change Your Age; he asserted that it’s is a major cause of many diseases that plague us as we journey into our senior years (Amen, p. 14). These include brain degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Continue reading

ABC’s of Vital Aging – Strength Train for the Brain


Weight training is a great way to power up our bodies as we age.  It strengthens our bones, helping us avoid osteoporosis. Weight training helps tone and build up our muscles, which gives our bodies a more youthful appearance.  What I find more intriguing is that training with weights boosts our brain’s cognitive functions and our psychological health. I’m all for keeping my brain intact for the long term; I prefer face wrinkles over brain farts any day.  Continue reading