Organic Living for Vital Aging

the image of opened window to the summer field

Recently, I listened to Laura Klein, co-founder of the website Organic Authority, talk about the toxic environment we live in.  (And no, she wasn’t talking about our current political scenarios, though their toxicity is quite evident) I’m currently enrolled in a Wellness Coach course, and was “introduced” to Ms. Klein through an audio lesson from this course.  Continue reading

Paying Attention to Life

Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment. (Prince Gautama Siddhartha)

You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave; find your eternity in each moment. (Henry David Thoreau)

urban cloudscape in early morning sunrise

I said “Hello” to the sky this morning.  Lest you think I’m on drugs, let me assure you, I don’t indulge.  I am, however, occasionally high on life. (More so since I’ve aged. Go figure). So this morning, I had just opened my garage door to get into my car to go to work. I noticed the sky, with its coral and pink streaks, paying homage to the rising sun. I had to simply stop and look at it, just for a few moments. Continue reading

10 Lifelong Learning Sites for Vital Aging Women

Road to heaven, abstract environmental backgrounds for your design

I love learning new stuff.  For me, it’s an important pathway on the vital aging journey, not to mention helping me avoid rusty brain cells. The experts who study this kind of thing tend to agree that it’s good for us in many ways. Continue reading