Live for Today!

A few days ago, a lyric from a song caught my ear while I was driving to work.  “Live while I breathe,” sang the artist from the alternative rock band The Moth and the Flame 

 I liked it, because it reminded me about how life should be lived.  We can’t wait for that perfect moment to be happy, or to start something new. We need to jump into our life now. At any moment, we could take our last breath.  So every moment should be embraced. Well, let me back up a little.  Some moments are crappy and who wants to embrace those kinds of moments? (However, even crappy moments can teach us something about life). Continue reading

The 3 A’s of Vital Aging

I’d say it was my dad who got me started on the vital aging kick, back when I was a just a kid.  He was a health and wellness nut, ahead of his time. (This was in the sixties). 

Dad took vitamin and herbal supplements long before it was trendy. He did isometric exercises using a weird stretchy contraption. He introduced me to cereal that resembled twigs and tasted just as good (yum). He bought me carob bars, which resembled Hershey’s chocolate but tasted nothing whatsoever like it!


He also loved to walk, and made it a habit throughout his life.  I inherited that love of walking; it’s been one of my favorite exercises for years.  Continue reading