How to Use the Internet to Lose Weight

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Want to lose 5, 10, or more pounds?

The internet provides some great tools to help jump-start your weight loss program, and many of them are free. Continue reading

Keep Moving for your Good Health

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I recently read The 17 Day Plan to Stop Aging, (2012) written by Dr. Mike Moreno. The title wasn’t quite accurate, of course, since we all know we can’t stop those sneaky hands of time from creeping up on us.  However, the doc did provide some useful strategies for vital aging.






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Benefits of Strength Training for Senior Women

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What are some of the things that happen to our bodies as we age that make us feel “old?”

  • We lose muscle mass.
  • We gain weight, often around our stomachs.
  • Our bones become thinner and more porous.
  • We become more prone to injuries due to losing our balance and falling.
  • We have muscle aches and pains.
  • Our brains don’t seem to function as well:  we forget things, may become confused, lose some of our “smarts.” 
  • We get diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, arthritis, and all those other diseases that make life unpleasant, at the very least.

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ABC’s of Vital Aging: Aerobics

The proverbial fountain of youth can’t be found in a fountain. It’s not hidden in a bottle of expensive face cream or skin serum. It’s not about going ‘under the knife’ for plastic surgery. 

ABCs of Vital Aging: Aerobics






But it is out there. It’s in our city parks, on the bicycle paths. It’s in our neighborhoods, on the sidewalks. It’s in our neighborhood fitness centers or community pool. It’s in the tennis courts, athletic fields, and even on our televisions, with the help of DVD players.  Continue reading

7 Ways to R-E-S-P-E-C-T Yourself







Rejuevenate by getting enough sleep to fill your individual needs. Why do we need sleep?  While we’re sleeping, our brain is kicking in to create connections between brain cells and increasing neuroplasticity, our brain’s ability to change and adapt Lack of sleep can actually make us age faster.* Continue reading

5 Action Steps to take for your Health’s Sake

5 Ways to take positive action for your health’s sake

  • Make physical activity a part of your life.  Have you ever heard of NEAT  (non-exercise activity thermogenesis)? NEAT is simply all the things you do that burn calories throughout your day:  pace, fidget, lift and carry, stand, stretch, take a walk on your lunch break, climb stairs . . .believe it or not, simple movement can make a difference in our health. 

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Celebrate National Women’s Health Week May 8 – 14

Picture, abstract flowers. Hand draw water colour on a paper

Mother’s Day is the first day of National Women’s Health Week – a perfect day to give yourself a Mother’s Day gift (even if you’re not a mom) by making your physical and mental health a priority.  First, take the pledge and make that commitment to yourself, no matter what your age. Continue reading

The 3 A’s of Vital Aging

I’d say it was my dad who got me started on the vital aging kick, back when I was a just a kid.  He was a health and wellness nut, ahead of his time. (This was in the sixties). 

Dad took vitamin and herbal supplements long before it was trendy. He did isometric exercises using a weird stretchy contraption. He introduced me to cereal that resembled twigs and tasted just as good (yum). He bought me carob bars, which resembled Hershey’s chocolate but tasted nothing whatsoever like it!


He also loved to walk, and made it a habit throughout his life.  I inherited that love of walking; it’s been one of my favorite exercises for years.  Continue reading