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Ted Talk Tuesday: Making Stress your Friend

Kelly McGonigal’s Ted Talk from 2013 is the most unique talk you’ll ever hear about stress!  We’ve all heard that stress kills.  In fact, for many years, she herself relayed that message to people, along with providing stress-coping strategies. Then she adapted her beliefs, after getting some revelations from a long-term study showing that it’s not stress that kills, but rather, how people react to stress. By changing how we face stress in our lives, we can make our lives healthier and happier.  

Check it out, and let me know what you think about Kelly’s point of view on stress and its positive aspects. 

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Ted Talk Tuesday: Amy Cuddy & The Power of Body Language

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I remember an acquaintance of mine describing my walk as “determined.”  This was years ago, but I never forget her saying that.  It’s how I’ve lived my life since I was a little kid: determined to change my life. Determined to do something that made a difference.

When I’ve been depressed in the past, I recall walking with head down and shoulders slumped. When I feel good about how my life is going and I’ve done something I’m proud of, I can feel confidence in my walk, just by walking tall.  Our body languages speaks volumes! Continue reading

Disrupt Aging – Join the Anti-Ageism Revolution

In a recent AARP magazine, I read an article by Jo Ann Jenkins, author of the book Disrupt Aging. She wrote about her fiftieth birthday celebration, where she received all the typical “over the hill” birthday cards. While she found them humorous, she also thought about the subtle (or not so subtle) message they provided to older people:   from now on, it’s all downhill. For Ms. Jenkins, that wasn’t what getting older was about. She looked at herself, and at her 50+ friends, and saw that they were climbing mountains, not rolling down hills.

Mature Couple On Walk Through Beautiful Countryside

While old “fogey” birthday cards, black balloons, and other “over the hill” gimmicks are just “for fun,” they’re also the tip of the ageism iceberg. Other darker aspects include  old age stereotypes, condescension and disrespect by other generations; along with discriminatory practices, scams against the elderly, family neglect and even elder abuse. 

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