ABCs of Vital Aging: Adventure

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The Three Adventurers!









I recently went on an adventure, thanks to my niece, Karen. She and my big sis are helping me celebrate my “60th birthday year” by planning all sorts of fun stuff to do.

The first fun adventure? Zip lining!  Now for you extremely adventurous people out there, this may not seem like such a big deal.  But for my niece and me, this was a big one.  It’s been on our bucket list for several years, but we never followed through with it.  But with my big 6-0 birthday coming up at the end of May, Karen thought it was about time we got  a move and crossed it off our list.   Continue reading

3 Fashionistas to Follow on Instagram if you Love Style!

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These are my three favorite ladies to follow when I’m looking for fashion and style options. 

Leanne B. from Classy Yet Trendy.  Leanne is my favorite capsule wardrobe e-book creator!  Leanne has great style, and creates lovely capsule wardrobes for women of all ages.  If you want to simplify your wardrobe, yet look classy and trendy at the same time, this is the woman to follow on Instagram! Thanks to Classy Yet Trendy, I’ve downsized my wardrobe, saved money, and improved my style all at the same time.   Continue reading

ABCs of Vital Aging – Curiosity










It’s been said that “curiosity killed the cat.”  Well I don’t buy it. Now, I could see curiosity killing a mouse, if said mouse curiously nosed around a mousetrap.   But a curious cat? A curious cat is a good thing, in my book.  If a cat truly has nine lives, what curiosity will do for that cat is give him or her some enjoyment during those lives.  Continue reading

ABCs of Vital Aging: Explore!

Never Stop Exploring!






Wise words about sane aging from a mere dishtowel:  “Never stop exploring.”   I received this dishtowel from my sister for Christmas, who had noticed earlier in the year that my dishtowels were pretty worn out and I was too cheap to buy new ones. 

Never stop exploring.  This, my friends, is something we should never forget, as we meander along into our “golden years.” Read new books. Learn a new language. Visit a new place. Find a new passion. Indulge in some googling to discover new things.  It’s discovering and exploring new sights, sounds, tastes, and pleasures that makes aging not only fun, but keeps us growing as well.  Continue reading