Surprising Health Benefits of Spices & Herbs

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I’ve never really thought of spices and herbs as being good for us, have you?  Then the other day in one of my magazines I read that adding cinnamon to foods can help us avoid type 2 diabetes. That’s pretty amazing.


That’s just one of cinnamon’s benefits.  For example, did you know that cinnamon can cure baldness? Yep, no more need for Hair Club for Men, or that spray-on stuff they used to advertise.  Ladies, don’t forget to let your husband in on that secret!  

Well, maybe the research hasn’t proved that yet. . . .

However, cinnamon has been used as a home remedy to: 

  • Minimize the pain of arthritis
  • Lower cholesterol levels
  • Get rid of bad breath, and more

Ginger root isolated on white background

And what about ginger?  I’m sure many of us have heard about its ability to help an upset stomach.  It’s a creepy looking root, for sure; but it also has healing properties. For example, did you know it can be used help someone suffering with the after-effects of chemotherapy

Did you ever wonder why restaurants garnish your food with a sprig of parsley?  It could be to give you a hint to freshen your breath after you eat, and you can do this by chewing the parsley itself. (Parsley is getting a little tired of being disrespected) 

dill and parsley isolated on a white background

After all, parsley could be considered a “wonder herb.” This little green powerhouse contains several vitamins and also folic acid, which is good for the heart.  It has more vitamin C than oranges, and twice as much iron as spinach.  

top view of cayenne pepper heap and glass jar

If you can take the heat, you can benefit your health with cayenne pepper. According to the Global Healing Center, Cayenne pepper can rev up your metabolism, helping you lose weight. You can find 16 more benefits of this spice in the article, 17 Health Benefits of Cayenne Pepper

These are just a few of the spices and herbs that have the ability to give our health a boost.  It’s truly amazing, the things that can be found in the natural world that can enhance our well-being!

Here’s an interesting and informative article from the Blog Critics Science/Tech link about the history and benefits of spices: Spice Up Your Life: The Health Benefits of Spices.

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